Foil Lessons

Kiteboard Foiling in Cyprus is ideal as the summer winds kick in progressively after 10am. This enables us to start our courses with light winds and build up the skills of the student to ride in higher winds. Our school is equipped with North Kiteboarding and Shin Foils for both beginners and advanced riders.

All our courses include all foil gear and safety gear required. Our course starts from a kite foil connected to a short 30cm shaft/mast, which is attached to a kite foil board. As the board speed increases the foil generates lift and the board rises above the water. As the skills of the student progress we migrate to a longer mast and possibly to a narrower wing.

Kite foiling allows one to kite all year round from 6 to 30 knots!!!

Beginner Package – 200 euros

Foil Rental and kite – 90 euros

kitesurfing CYPRUS Contact

Board House: +357-25105956

Zanos hadjizacharias: +357-99629911