SUP Cyprus

Cyprus is an ideal place to train on an SUP due to the calm waters and warm weather. Learning to SUP - Stand up paddle board involves patience and balance but you don't need to be really strong or fit, you just need to choose the right conditions and the best board for you! Fortunately here at Board House we are lucky enough to have, Costas Symeonies, the best SUP athlete available to advice you on the best boards for you and even train you on the SUP discipline you would like. Our instructor Costas Symeonides is a trained gymnast and a water man. He has been training athletes for competitive SUP racing for years now. A very passionate individual eager to please you.

For any information, spots, events or even discuss about your next SUP board please contact us we would love to help! We love this sport and wanna share it with you!

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"Battle of the paddle"

Our locally organised SUP tournament, hosted by Windsurfers on Tour and supported by Board House. This Cyprus SUP tournament is taking place every year in Cyprus and is composed by the three SUP racing disciplines; Sprint, Long distance and downwind!


Paddling for kids, Paddling for Life

Is a charity event, supported by the Ministry of Education, organized the last four years and whose donations are all given to institutions that support and help children. All the proceeds were donated to the Center for Preventive Pediatrics; a Centre that Costas and his team feel strong about. This center has the need of constant cash support due to its nature.