FCS Slater Trout 8.5″

FCS Slater Trout 8.5"

FCS Slater Trout 8.5″

FCS Slater Trout 8.5″

Slater designed this as an all rounder for course racing in the surf. Literally a fin that does everything well. Tracking more strokes per side with the ability to surf well and buoy turn very quickly. 8 1/2 inch depth provide stability without shallow spot liability.

• Dual purpose race and surf fin designed by Slater Trout
• Manoeuvrability in the surf and around buoys
• Designed to easily shed weed
• Stiff and lightweight carbon skin UL construction


Base: 7.01″ / 178mm
Depth: 9.01″ / 229mm
Area: 42.60″² / 27483mm²
Sweep: 34º
Foil: 50/50

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