Mora Women’s boot

Mora Women's boot

DC Mora Women’s boot

Effortlessly transfer from buttery-smooth park laps to hard-charging steeps with the mid-stiff flex and dual-zone tightening of the DC Women’s Mora Boa Snowboard Boots. Bordering on the responsive side, the Mora caters to powerful riders looking to maximize response all over the mountain, yet it’s not overly stiff for spinning park laps. In fact, its articulated construction enhances flexibility for really tweaking out grabs and laying into presses with authority.
Tightening over the upper and lower zones independently, with the simple flick of a reel, the Boa Focus closure system dials in a truly custom fit to your unique riding style, as well as the specific terrain at hand. Keep the lower a bit looser during those park laps and jib sessions or tighten both zones for the utmost in response when you’re bombing steeps and dropping cliffs. Either way, it’s all yours to control at a moment’s notice.
Conforming to your feet to reduce pressure points, the boot’s White liner features ultra-plush, heat-moldable EVA foam for a truly custom fit. Anatomical J-bar support locks down your heel to prevent lift when you’re carving at high speeds. Built from the ground-up to support and stabilize, the Impact S footbed reduces overall fatigue by soaking up vibration and impact from harsh snow conditions and flat landings. This footbed also features a moisture-wicking top layer for dryness when you’re riding in warmer spring conditions. Additionally, you’ll appreciate the Contact Unilite + Rubber sole for its incredibly light feel, with high levels of grip along the heel and toe regions.
Articulated construction
Boa Focus Closure (upper and lower independent tightening)
White liner with internal ankle harness
Anatomical J-bar support
Impact S footbed (single-density PU)
Contact Unilite + Rubber sole

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